User jailbroke iPhone 7 to run Ubuntu

By Maaz Perwez
jailbreak iphone 7 to run ubuntu

If you are a hardcore Apple user, you must be known with the term jailbreaking the iPhones. Well, it lets you customize and add tweaks that aren’t officially available out of the box on iOS. However, one of the users recently experimented and went further in adding tweaks on iOS as he managed to run Ubuntu on his jailbroken iPhone 7.

The user said that his iPhone 7 was not working due to a probleim in its internal storage. That is when he decided to try installing a different operating system through a USB ethernet.

The whole process of booting Ubuntu requires jailbreak tool checkra1n, which is based on the unpatchable exploit “checkm8”. Do note that the kernel used to run Ubuntu is only compatible with A10 fusion chip, so if you are planning to do the same, you must do it on an iPhone 7 or do not try.

This might not be of any use to most of the people, but if you are into experimenting things, then you can try this , but make sure you follow each and every step properly, as a single wrong step can cause the potential damage of the iPhone. Below we have embedded the video which shows the Ubuntu Operating system running on iPhone 7.

developers have also managed to run the Android operating system on an iPhone 7 using checkra1n.

If you are an expert user, the instructions for running Ubuntu on iPhone 7 can be found in this Reddit post.

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