Touch ID could return with iPhone 13

By Maaz Perwez
Apple Touch ID

We all know Apple ditched the Touch ID biometric system for its new Face ID unlock system 3 years ago. The new Face ID is very much convenient while unlocking the iPhone, however, it isn’t that fast. Also, in this pandemic situation, we have been missing the Touch ID a lot due to the mask, we almost have had to enter the pin manually all the time.

However, there are several leaks that suggest that Apple might re-launch the Touch ID with their newer iPhone 13 models. Most probably it will be an in-display fingerprint scanner. As Apple’s Face ID takes up a lot of space in the notch area of iPhone and it looks so outdated. Apple should go ahead with the in-display Touch ID in exchange of Face ID and more room for the screen, to give us that immersive experience like Samsung and other flagship phones give.

Also, not to mention, Cupertino-based company is testing an in-screen fingerprint scanner, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. It might be used in the iOS handset coming this autumn. he also says that face ID isn’t going anywhere and will be staying here only with future iPhones. Apple claims that the Face ID is far more accurate than Touch ID.

Apple might get rid of its ports this year and in-return Apple might give the in-display Touch ID system along with the Face ID. other than that there would be minor changes with the processor and chipset. Nothing major upgrade is coming this year. We can safely say that this year’s iPhone models will be like an ‘S” upgrade maybe iPhone 12S or something.

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