This iOS Bug shall crash your iPhone with just a simple text

By Manikanta Immanni

After big buggy news we heard last week, Apple is again found prone to a new text message attack that crashes your iPhone. This was found often, as, in 2015, a similar bug iOS bug led crashing of the device via a text strings.

And now, a string of Italian flags combined with words in the Sindhi language are making rounds in social media. These are even sent via text messages directly to your phone too, and crash your device when tapped.

Receiving any notification with this Sindhi text string, whether it be in the Messages app, WhatsApp, or social media notification, it will cause your iPhone to crash instantly.

iOS is often prone to bugs. While Apple is attentive to patch any widely-exploited bugs, some simple issues like these text-based crashes should be addressed too promptly. The Apple community is going viral on several social media platforms about a new iOS bug, that, if engaged, would crash their iPhone or iPad.

This flaw is more of a simple bug rather than any security issue, as users have just reported crashes of their devices and no other breach. This starts with a text message sent to a phone, and would eventually crash the phone by hanging, touch unresponsiveness, among others. This is even circulated at several social media platforms too.

ios bug

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Further, EverythingApplePro tests say that the message doesn’t necessarily have an Italian flag in it. The crashing job is done even by Sindhi language texts too. While no one claims an authentic original source of this bug yet, people assume to be originated from Telegram. So how do you get through this iOS bug?

Whenever you receive a text message of such, reboot the device to turn back things to normal. A better suggestion is to disable the notifications until a patch. Apple claims to have a patch for this iOS bug in iOS v13.4.5, but it’s still in beta phase and may roll out to all later. So you have been cautious about any such suspicious texts until then.

Let Apple be busy innovating, but noticing and addressing issues should be their top priority. Well, this is the reason why most people flock around Apple devices, tight security protocols. But the company alleged to have a serious flaw in its Mail app of iOS, where a remote attacker can gain access to one’s email and modify them.

Earlier today, Apple confirmed the existence of this flaw and it affects iOS devices with version 6 to the latest version 13. That’s around 1.5 billion on this planet today. But, fortunately, the company is rolling a patch soon.

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