Rare prototypes of first Apple Watch spotted

By Minhaz Uddin
apple watch prototype

A collector who goes by the name Giulio Zompetti has obtained rare prototypes of the first Apple Watch which date back to a year prior to the release of the actual device.

Giulio Zompetti told Motherboard that he had recently purchased a handful of early prototypes of Apple Watch from a electronic waste facility. He is planning to fix them all and sell them for thousands of dollars.

Collector has a background of obtaining rare prototype Apple devices which he believes are authentic Apple devices.

apple watch prototype

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The prototypes he obtained are all broken but the main parts are working which can be easily fixed by repairing them, Giulio Zompetti said.

Giulio Zompetti has displayed approximately six Apple Watch prototypes. He said that this isn’t a case of an Apple engineer leaving a prototype unattended but instead all the prototypes come from an e-waste facility with which Apple has collaborated.

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