Next iPad Pro to have mini-LED display

By Maaz Perwez
Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the most advanced line-up from Apple’s tablet series. Every new generation of iPad Pro has some ground-breaking technology, which revolutionizes the tech industry. For instance, iPad Pro was one of the first devices to have a 120Hz pro-motion display. We saw the Lidar sensor in iPad Pro 4th generation. The same sensor happens to come in the latest iPhones as well.

Now Apple is working on a new display technology called MINI-LED, which may debut in the upcoming 5th generation of iPad Pro. And as per the sources, the latest Mini LED display in iPad Pro can also make its way to some models of Macbooks.

The Mini LED technology in iPad Pro

We saw iPad Pro 4th generation launched in 2020 with its fastest chipset in a tablet or a mobile phone. The iPad Pro is powered by an A12Z processor, which can run full-fledged Adobe Photoshop and render within seconds. Other than that, it has a Liquid Retina display with Pro-motion technology.

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Apple is betting high with its newer Mini LED display technology. This new technology happens to compete directly with Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology, which is the number 1 display technology in the industry. Kuo says that Epistar remains Apple’s initial partner for mini-LED chips.

Kuo has said that Apple has at least six iPad and Mac products with mini-LED displays in its pipeline for launch by the end of 2021. He indicates that the initial batch of displays coming through the end of 2020 will be for an iPad Pro.

“Apple’s mini LED dies will be mass-produced in 4Q20, but due to yield issues related to the production process of display module materials. the 4Q20 display shipments have been revised down by 50% to 300,000-400,000. We believe that the mini LED display in 4Q20 will be used for the new ‌iPad Pro‌.” said Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

The prediction of Kuo has never gone wrong. He predicts that the larger iPad Pro 12.9 inch would be the first to get the Mini LED tech in its display. The latest technology of production by Apple Mini LED display uses 1,000 to 10,000 individual LEDs that offer more in-depth, darker blacks, brighter brights, richer colors, and better contrast than ongoing traditional LED-based displays. However, the technology comes for a higher price in cost for the time being.

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