Here’s the list of all iOS 14 features and improvements

By Manikanta Immanni
iOS 14

Apple on Monday has unveiled many new things. Besides talking about moving away from Intel chips in future MacBooks, it also unwrapped the new OS for its iPhones, iOS 14.

iOS 14 features and improvements

This upcoming OS will feature many new options, that seemed to be copied from Android. Yet, they’re new to the iPhone community. So here are they;

1. App Library

iOS 14 will now have a new feature called App Library at the bottom of the screen, which cleverly picks apps of the same genre and stuffs them into one box. This is more like Folders in Android, where similar apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are categorized into Social box (library), and Telegram, Messenger, WhatsApp are set into Chat apps folder.

Further, there’s even a search bar set above the home screen with all apps arranged alphabetically, to let user reach the desired app quickly. All these efforts are directed towards making searching easy and quick.

2. Widget Arrangements

This one is a big improvement too. Apple will now let users bring those usefulness widgets from the Today section to the home screen, and place them beside apps. Allowing them to have equal importance is good and there’s also a Smart Stack, which recognises the users’ usage and displays relevant content at times. This is like showing news in the morning and, meeting notes in afternoon breaks and day’s summary before sleep.

Apple iOS 14

3. Call and Siri Activations

These are seriously appreciated. Whenever there’s a incoming call or activating Siri, it would take up the entire screen to show up. But now, incoming calls will be shown as a notification at the top, that can be taken or declined right there without having to leave your work on another app.

Further, Siri too will be like a small animated icon at the bottom of the screen, and can even record and send audio messages alongside simple texts.

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4. Picture-in-Picture

It’s truly helpful, as whenever watching a video and need to switch to another app would generally stop the playback. But now, it changed with iOS 14. Users can watch a YouTube video and press home button to go and open other apps, without pausing the playback and maintaining it as an overlay window. And that can be resized too.

5. Translator

An old feature from Google, is now on Apple, finally. iOS 14 brings a dedicated Translator app that can translate into 11 languages. Languages supported as of now are English, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

Further, Apple said that Safari browser can now translate web pages too, a feature Google’s Chrome is having since a decade!

6. App Clips

Similar to Google’s Instant Apps, iOS 14 will let users have a sneak peek into the apps from Appstore, even before the app is completely downloaded. This preview would give an idea to the user about how it would be, and choose between continuing further download or not. With QR codes and NFC tags, users can sign-in with Apple and Apple Pay to check within features.

7. Messages

The iMessage will now allow users to pin important or frequent conversations at the top, and even make in-line replies to specific messages. Further, a user can now mention a name to direct a message to a specified person in group chats too.

8. Maps

Apple Maps gets new Guides feature, which would suggest users about new visiting places taken from authentic sources. There’s an introduction of Cycling directions in few places like Bay Area, New York City and Los Angeles.

Further, there’s an EV routing map to check their car’s battery level and find nearby EV charging stations. There’s also Speed Meter Gun checkers to cautious drivers of speeding and to avoid tickets.

Apple has long been criticized for being too restrictive, and now, here’s it. Though most of the features seem to have taken from Android, these are still exciting in Apple community.

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