iVerify – A dedicated iOS app for extra security

Apple has long been applauded for having better security measures than any other smartphones in the market. While this and few cool features caused so many loyal fans to the brand, there are some bugs or vulnerabilities often exposed and leave users at risk. So here’s another layer of security to safeguard your handset from any hacks – iVerify.

iVerify – An Additional Wall of Security

iVerify is a security scanner, that scans your device to surface any loopholes. And when found, it prompts with relevant solutions to patch up immediately. Users these days are more lenient to freedom, which Apple restricts very severely. iOS users are limited to most of the simple features that their Android counterparts enjoy. This makes them crave for flexibility, thus jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking does give iOS users what they wanted, but voids warranty and other claims in case anything goes wrong. Though Apple strongly recommends not to jailbreak their devices, users resist warning and expose themselves to attacks. Yes, as this freedom also applies to hackers out there, users should be applying an additional layer of protection, thus iVerify.

iVerify – Features and Pricing

It scans for basic protections like whether the user has set Face/Touch ID, Passcodes and using lasted software versions or not, and recommends steps to safeguard the device. Not just for handset, but also accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

It also prompts the user to reboot the device periodically, activating DNS over HTTP and others. It even maintains a dedicated page for the latest news on security.

Made by Trail of Bits, iVerify is constantly updated with the latest features to detect and handle the evolving cyberthreats. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and costs $2.99 as a one time fee! Further, users can activate the Family Sharing option to let up to six family members to be used concurrently. The device needs to run on iOS 12 or later to run this app.

This post was last modified on July 4, 2020

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