iPhone 13 rumored to have a smaller notch and thicker design

By Maaz Perwez
Apple iPhone 13

As 2021 has started, the devices which will be launched in 2021 have already started to leak. We are already getting leaks of the S21 OnePlus 9 and now the iPhone 13 as well. The other day Macotkara reported some details about the upcoming 2021 iPhone 13 series. Based on the report, Apple will keep the design more or less the same as we have seen in the iPhone 12 series.

According to the Chinese suppliers, all four models of iPhone 13 series will have a nearly identical design, for sure the camera module will be same. But the thickness of the iPhones will increase by around 0.26mm.

As for the camera module, the module will remain unchanged but the glass of the camera can be replaced with a sapphire glass that will cover all three lenses and make them look like a single camera module, which we see in the Android phones.

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MacOtakara also noted that the camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be the same size, which suggests that the smaller Pro model will have exactly the same camera lenses like the 13 Pro Max. Which means this year we will be able to see the 2.5x zoom and the sensor-shift stabilization to the smaller pro model as well. Which was missing in 2020, as only the Pro max was having 2.5x zoom and the sensor-shift stabilization.

Usually, Apple keeps a design language for at least 2-3 years, so in 2020 we saw apple changed the design of iPhones from curved edges to flat design, and as far as the reports go Apple is planning to keep it that way at least for a while.

The company is also planning to change the position of the top receiver to reduce the size of the notch which holds a true depth camera and other security systems that are used in face ID. We had already published an article in October last year which suggested the next version of iPhone series to have a smaller notch. Previous rumours also claim that the entire iPhone 13 line will feature the LiDAR scanner, not just the Pro models.

Expect the iPhone 13 series to be launched in September 2021, as usual, and no schedule changes are to be heard as of now.

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