iOS 16 beta suggests iPhone 14 Pro to get Always-On Display

By Minhaz Uddin

At this point, the speculations about the iPhone 14 Pro are very solid when it comes to the new display. Not only is it anticipated that the display will have a new design, but it is also anticipated that it will feature an always-on mode. Even if earlier versions of iOS 16 already contained many allusions to a new always-on mode, even the system’s wallpapers have now been altered to make use of this new technology. This is because iOS 16 was designed to be compatible with Apple’s ARKit.

According to the source, with the iOS 16 beta, turning down your display will now generate a darker version of the wallpaper that you have set “This indicates that customers will be able to see some aspect of their background images even when the screen is turned off. After the user taps the screen or clicks the Power button, the background image will be displayed with the maximum amount of brightness.”

Even when the display is not being actively used, users will be able to view traces of their wallpaper and information, such as the clock and the widgets that are on their lock screen, thanks to the new “Sleep” state. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has already claimed that an always-on display that is integrated into the Lock Screen of iOS 16 will only Apple available on the more expensive models of the iPhone 14.

It will be feasible to have an always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro thanks to more modern displays that have a refresh rate as low as 1Hz. Both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max come equipped with ProMotion technology, which allows them to achieve frame rates of up to 120Hz or as low as 10Hz. With an always-on display, the iPhone 14 Pro series’ lower refresh rate of 1Hz compared to that of the iPhone 13 Pro will increase the device’s efficiency in terms of its use of energy.

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