iOS 14 release date, new features and compatible iPhones

By Maaz Perwez
iOS 14 new features and compatible iphones

The iOS 14 has already been released by Apple back in September only. Apple brings a lot of new features to the table and supports all of the iPhones that have launched after 2015. Today we have covered most of the iOS 14 features and changes that we have observed and learnt. There is no doubt that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will be running iOS 14 right out of the box. Apple is said to be launching the new iPhones on October 13.

However, every year a new version of iOS is launched alongside the next iteration of iPhones. But iOS 14 is already out with Apple’s “Time flies” event that took place on 16 September. Apple launched new iPad Air 4 along with Apple Watch 6 and more alongside the new iOS 14.

This new generation of iOS has a lot of UI change, and many new features have been added. To start with, Apple has now included one of the most anticipated features from Android. The Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode is now in iOS 14. Another major UI change is the addition of widgets to the homescreen.

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So, finally, Apple users can add widgets on their homescreen. After updating their iPhones to iOS, 14 users can rearrange apps and add widgets whichever ones they want. Apart from this, there is a new addition to the App library. It is similar to what the app drawer looks like on an Android phone. The addition of widgets and App library is one of the most hyped iOS 14 features.

iOS 14 Compatibles iPhones

We all know that Apple is into another tier when it comes to giving updates to their phones. All the iPhones gets upto 5 years of software update from the date of its launch. Which means iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus along with other iPhones which are launched after that would also be getting the stable iOS 14. So all those users packing iPhone 6s and above should check for an update in their setting if they haven’t updated to iOS 14 yet.

iOS 14 Features

iOS 14 brings a lot of refinemetn to the iOS system. Along with few enhancements to the secuity and privaccy of the user. Apple’s main focus have always been security. So to make it evn better Apple has implemented a better privacy system with iOS 14. Another area where iOS has drastically improved is the new customisation options.

New iOS 14 Widgets

Withthe launch of latest iOS 14 Apple has gien options for users to add widgets to their homexreen. Something similar to what Android users have been doing since a decade. Although, iOS has better looking widgets along with bettter usability. Everyday developers are adding widget options of their apps and it just looks great with new widgets added to homescreen. While the stock apps of Apple like calender, gallery and more have alredy have their widgets. While other apps are stil under process of getting widgets.

iOS 14 App Library

App library is another addition which is somewhat similar to what Android phone’s app drawer looks like. Basically, now on your iPhone you can remove the apps from homescreen yet you can have it installed on their phone. So if you swipe left on your home screen there will be a list of apps which are installed. Not only that, it will be organised and categories folder wise for reachability and making the homescreen look aesthetically better.

iOS 14 Picture-in-picture Mode

Picture-in-icture mode was first seen in Android 8.0 Oreo. And now, iOS 14 have also implemetned picgtrue-in-o=picture mode, With the ddition of this feature users can minimize any sgreaminf videos like Yotube, Netfix and more. It will open in a small pop-up window in the screen whcihc you can move anywhere at the homescreen

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