Hyundai is all set to begin production of Apple Electric car By 2024

By Maaz Perwez
Hyundai Apple

The other day we were reporting that Hyundai and Apple are in talks about sealing the deal, about Hyundai being in charge of the production of Apple’s electric car. However, in a short span of time, reported by Korea IT news Apple and Hyundai are nearing the deal that would lock the contract and give the production of Apple’s electric car into Hyundai’s hands. it is reported that the deal is currently rumored to finalize by March with production going to begin by 2024 in the United States.

Both Apple and Hyundai have denied speaking anything about the hidden deal that’s happening.

“Hyundai Motor declined to comment on the report on Sunday, and reiterated Friday’s comments that it has received requests for potential cooperation from various companies on developing autonomous EVs. Apple had no immediate comment.”

On Thursday, January 7, Hyundai confirmed that Apple had approached them for electric car production talks, however, the next day Hyundai walked away from the statement saying a lot of companies have been in talks with Hyundai to make autonomous electric vehicle. This could be potentially one of the conditions that Apple might have kept in front of the automaker. Currently, we can’t say anything more about this until the brands decide to make it official.

Apple’s electric car is expected to feature a newer tech in the battery, which could be graphene. It could increase performance drastically, and efficiency as well. Apple is also said to be working on making the electric car a luxurious electric car with a lot of features like self-driving capability, and an in-car experience that allows users to experience things other than driving as well. We would be seeing the car on anywhere between the next 4-8 years and not before that.

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