Hyundai and Apple in talks to make Apple Car

By Maaz Perwez
Apple Car

Earlier we got a lot of report about Apple entering the automobile industry. Apple is swinging its arms full fledge to start manufacturing Apple cars. recently, we got the news that Apple is discussing with Hyundai to set a deal about the partnership in manufacturing the electric vehicle with specialized battery technology.

From the reports of Korea Economic Daily reports Apple and Hyundai are planning to manufacture Apple car. The Korean automobile manufacturer will be fully responsible for the production of the very well rumored Apple car.

We also got to hear that the project has internally being passed, and they are waiting for a signal from the chairman of Hyundai the Chung Eui-son.  Hyundai will also play a role in developing the vehicle’s custom battery solution. Battery operations will be handed off to Hyundai or Kia factories in the U.S.

Apple is all set to launch its electric car by 2025 or so. Apple is working on an internal project named titan since 2016, which was an electric car. Earlier, today Bloomberg said Apple is working to release on a branded self-driving car, though production is still at least 5 years out. But there are still chances that Apple could scrap the project and instead market its self-driving technology to established manufacturers.

Since Hyundai has confirmed that they are in discussion with Apple in manufacturing an electric car, which means Apple is really serious in entering the electric car market. With Tesla being the no. 1 electric smart car, Apple could very well rival Tesla, if Apple does everything right and starts the production soon.

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