How to transfer data from iPhone to another iPhone with or without iCloud/iTunes

By Maaz Perwez
How to transfer data from iPhone to another iPhone

Apple is one of the biggest fish in the ocean of smartphones. The company launches a new series of smartphones every year. The number of users using iPhones are increasing year on year. So if you are one of them and just runs to upgrade to a new iPhone every year when Apple launches it. The data migration is always a big task when it comes to switching smartphones. So below we have covered it for you, with some easy steps on how to transfer data from an iPhone to another iPhone using iCloud and iTunes.

There are several other methods which you can follow which doesn’t require iCloud or iTunes as well. The first one is a method used to transfer data between different iPhones using third-party software.

1. PhoneTrans- A Professional iPhone Switcher

  • Users can do Quick transfer of data between different iPhones with a single click.
  • there is also an option to merge data of two different iPhones, without data overwriting and without losing any data.
  • Download for Windows from here.
  • Download for Mac from here.
  • After Downloading PhoneTrans open it on your computer.
  • Connect both the iPhones to your computer.
  • Select phone to phone option from the left panel
  • Click on Quick transfer and then tap the start transfer button.
  • Now choose the data you want to transfer from your old iPhone to the new iPhone.
  • Select the data you want to transfer, all of the data will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on transfer Now. That’s it.

Transfer Data from iPhone to another iPhone using iCloud

  • For iPhones running on IOS 10 and later, Go to settings then tap on Apple ID profile which should be at the top of the screen.
  • Click on iCloud and then select iCloud backup>> Click on Backup Now.
  • For devices running versions earlier than IOS 10, go to settings then open iCloud>> Backup >> Turn on iCloud Backup >> tap on Backup Now.
  • Now turn on your other iPhone >> choose the language >> then connect to WI-FI network >> set up your security credentials, now on the next screen, you will see Apps and data screen, choose to restore from iCloud backup option.

In case you have already turned on your new iPhone and have done setting it up. Then follow the below method.

  • Go to settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all content and settings >> Erase iPhone >> set your iPhone again >> Select restore from iCloud >> Select the backup you had created which you want to restore on your new iPhone.

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