How to switch from Windows PC to Mac

By Maaz Perwez
How to switch from Windows to Mac

If you have been using Windows PC or a laptop throughout the time and you are planning to shift to a Mac. Then you must know a few things including how you can transfer things and how to switch to a Mac from a Windows PC. It may look a cumbersome task, but it isn’t. It is way easier than the way it looks. Below is everything about how you can do it.

Most people usually switch from Windows to Mac either because of the premium quality of the Mac laptop, or the powerhouse specs of a Mac. While others might have even received a MacBook as a gift and so on. So majorly you need to transfer your data from windows to Mac then comes the softwares you use on your windows which needs to be transfered to your Mac.

If you are buying a Mac mini, then you must consider and plan out for connectivity with the monitor, mouse, keyboard with your Mac mini. Though, the Mac mini has a lot of ports at the back which can be used to set up your PC like HDMI, USB, Thunderbolt.

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Next, you need all the software that should work with your Mac which you were previously working with on your Windows PC for almost all of the Windows apps there is a Mac-based app as well. So you need not worry about the apps and software you use on a Windows PC will be available on Mac.

All you have to do is find them from the app store or the official link of the particular software. That’s all, the download link should have an option that will read download for Mac OS. There’s also web-centric apps and communication tools that naturally have Mac versions available, including Skype, Zoom, Slack, and others.

If by any chance you don’t find the exact same app of Windows for your Mac, don’t worry there must be an alternative app for the same. As the developers must have made some or the other thing with similar functionality for Mac.

Now comes the transferring of data and files from your Windows PC to your Mac. Well, the easier way isn’t to copy the data into a thumb drive and then paste it into your mac, there will be a lot of issues like most probably your Mac won’t be having a USB port, or the storage of Pendrive is limited.

So for that Apple has a Windows Migration Assistant. A software tool for your PC that can be used to transfer data across a network to your new Mac. This tool is usable Usable on Windows 7 or later, the tool will be able to transfer many different data types from default data stores on the PC to their equivalents on the Mac.

Things “Windows Migration Assistant transfer to a Mac” will transfer

  • Emails, contacts, and calendar information.
  • Outlook contacts, appointments, and mailbox settings (32-bit version only).
  • Windows Live Mail email settings and emails.
  • Windows Mail contacts, email settings, and emails.
  • Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Safari for Windows, and Firefox.
  • A variety of system settings including language and location, and custom desktop pictures.
  • Photos and other images.
  • Media from iTunes.
  • Files from the top-level folder of the currently logged-in user’s home directory.
  • Non-system files stored in the Windows or Program Files folders.
  • Top-level folders located on the Windows system disk and other attached disks.

All of the above-mentioned data can be transferred to your Mac from the Windows PC using the setup assistant. Make sure you have sufficient backups for your Windows PC and both the computers are connected to the same wireless network. Ethernet would be the best for faster and more reliable file transfers.

How To Use Windows Migration Assistant

  1. Install Windows Migration Assistant on the Windows PC. Download the version that matches the version of macOS that is installed on the Mac.
  2. Open Windows Migration Assistant on the PC.
  3. Either turn on the new Mac and wait for the Setup Assistant or on an already set up Mac, open Migration Assistant from the Applications folder.
  4. Follow the prompts on the Mac version until it asks what system you want to migrate from. Select From a Windows PC and click continue.
  5. Enter the administrator name and password into the Mac Migration Assistant. Click continue.
  6. Select the Windows PC from the list displayed on the Mac.
  7. Check the displays of both the PC and Mac to make sure they’re showing the same passcode. Click Continue on both systems.
  8. After scanning the PC, the Mac will show data types it can migrate across. Tick next to items you want to transfer, then click continue.
  9. After migrating, close the Windows Migration Assistant on the PC, and log into the Mac.
  10. Set a new password for your Mac’s user account.

That’s it you are good to go with your new Mac.

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