How to set up multiple accounts on Apple TV

By Maaz Perwez
Apple TV

It’s been a while ever since Apple TV debuted. Most of us are now used to the Apple TV, if you are in the Apple Ecosystem. Apple TV is a multipurpose support system of a TV to make it a smart TV. Usually, Apple TV is used for a lot of things like classrooms, meeting rooms etc. Since the Apple TV is mostly a common device connected to our TV, so it needs multiple accounts to be logged in as everyone would be using their own account to login and use it for their purpose. So here is a quick tutorial on how to set up multiple accounts on Apple TV.

How to add more than one Account on Apple TV

Do note that before you can use multiple accounts at once on your Apple TV, you need to log into any and all additional accounts that you need it to be logged into your Apple TV. Below is the method on how to login to multiple accounts on Apple TV.

  • Go to settings from the Home screen of your Apple TV
  • Select Accounts
  • Click on iTunes and App Store
  • Now, click on Add new Apple ID.
  • When prompted click on Enter new Apple ID
  • Now, enter the username of the secondary Apple ID.
  • Click continue and then enter the password of the secondary Apple ID.
  • Finally, click on Sign in.
  • You can repeat the above process to add another Apple ID associated account.
How To Set up multiple Accounts on Apple TV

How to switch between multiple accounts on Apple TV

  • Open Settings from your Home Screen.
  • Click on Accounts and then select iTunes and App Store.
  • Now from the list select the Apple account you want to use.

Now, you can download and sync all of your apps and contents which is available on that particular Apple ID.

How to search with Control Center on Apple TV

Control center on Apple devices has always been helpful be it iPhone, iPad or the Apple TV. It always comes in handy for a lot of features. Here is how you can use the control center to search on Apple TV.

  • From the Siri remote, hard-press the Home/TV button to bring up the Control center on Apple TV.
  • Select the Search icon.
  • Now type the show you want to search, you can even use Siri for voice search.


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