How To Fix Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification failed

By Maaz Perwez
How To Fix Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification failed

If you are stuck and is unable to login to iTunes and Apple Store and is getting an error message “Verification Failed. There was an error in connecting your Apple ID”. Then below we have the solution for the same.

How To Fix Apple ID Verification Failed.

  • Firstly, take a look at the servers of Apple, and check if they are working, you can check by using other services of Apple.
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • If by any chance you have the same Apple ID logged in to any other device like iPad, Mac, try to generate a verification code on that device to enter into other devices.
  • Make sure you use one Apple ID for all Apple services and toggle off any other service which uses different apple ID.
  • set your date and time to be adjusted automatically.
  • Try to restart or force restart your Apple device.
  • Sing out of Apple ID in settings > iTunes and Appstore, wait for 30 seconds and then try to sign back in.
  • Turn off any adblocker or content blocker plugins or extensions you are using.
  • disable VPN if you are using any.

Reason for the verification Error

A lot of users find themselves stuck with the error on their iPhones. They try to connect to iTunes and Apple store from their iPhone settings instead an error message pops up error connecting Apple ID verification failed message.

Don’t worry your Apple ID is perfectly fine and there is no error with your Apple ID. Also, usually, this error comes when users try to restore their IOS update. This basically means that the device is denying to connect to Apple’s iCloud verification servers to verify your Apple ID.

Mostly this occurs because of backend problems with Apple’s servers, so either you can check for Apple’s servers if they are working or not. or you can wait for the servers to run properly so that you can log in to your IOS device with your Apple ID.

How To Fix Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification Failed

  • Make sure you are connected to WIFI if already connected tr to disconnect and wait for 20 seconds before you connect to the WIFI again.
  • Try using your cellular data to setup Apple ID.
  • Generate a verification code from another Apple device which is logged in with the same Apple ID.
  • This error can also come up because of false date and time, or manually adjusted date and time. Instead, go to settings > General< date and time then turn on set automatically option.
  • restart your iPhone.
  • Set up your Apple ID credentials again from settings> your Apple ID Profile.
  • reset your network’s settings. go to settings > general> reset> reset network settings
  • Turn off any kind of VPN services if you are using.
  • If you are using iCloud to backup your data go to settings> Apple ID. iCloud> iCloud backup and then turn it off and then turn it back on.
  • Then click on backup now to forcefully create a backup right at the moment so that your device connects to the Apple servers.

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