Apple’s iPhone 12 event preview: How to watch and what to expect

By Maaz Perwez
apple iphone 12 event preview

Apple is swinging its arms full-fledged as the launch event is coming closer and closer. Recently on Twitter, we have seen many tech reviewers got Apple’s iPhone 12 event launch invite. Though its a virtual event and we all can watch the event on Apple’s website or you can watch the live event from the below link.

Apple Live Event Invitation

The invite’s design indicated four rings, meaning that at least one of the iPhone 12 could have four rear cameras. Not to mention, a slogan was also mentioned in the invite saying, ” Hi, Speed.” We can say that either the iPhone 12 series is 5G capable or talking about their fastest A14 processor by speed. It could be anything, and the clear picture can be seen only when the phones are launched.

When is Apple Event 2020?

This year Apple’s event 2020 is scheduled for Tuesday 13 October 2020, starting at 10am PDT – local time to Cupertino. For other regions, following are the times:

  • US West: 10am PDT
  • US East: 1pm EDT
  • UK: 6pm BST
  • Central Europe: 7pm CEST
  • China (Beijing): 1am CST (16 September)
  • Japan: 2am JST (16 September)
  • Australia (Sydney): 3am AEST (16 September)

What to expect from Apple’s event?

Apart from the iPhone 12 series, there are a few other products that we are going to see in the launch event. To start with, a new Apple TV is coming this year, a new AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags. There is also a new smaller HomePod smart speaker that Apple might launch in its iPhone 12 event. But we are yet to be confirmed.

As per the reports, the upcoming Apple TV won’t have a major change. A new processor and a better remote is expected. Apart from this, Apple is working on a gaming remote controller that can be launched alongside Apple TV since Apple Arcade service is already live.

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The AirPods Studio is Apple’s upcoming over the ear headphone, has been leaking quite a lot in the past few days. So we can say that Apple is pushing hard for AirPods Studio. They will have Active Noise Cancellation and a neck detection to detect where the headphones are put to.

The upcoming AirTags is a revolutionary product from Apple as it is a small aluminum plate with an Apple logo on it. It should be sized somewhere around the size of a penny to a circular watch dial. Users can put the AirTags on keys, wallets, or any other stuff they tend to lose now and then. They can then use their iPhones to locate and track wherever the AirTags will be attached.

How to watch Apple event on October 13?

You can watch the Apple’s event on Apple’s Events Website [Link] on your iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, or any devices with a web browser. You can also watch on your Apple TV, through the Apple Events app from the App Store for Apple TV, or you can stream from your iOS device via AirPlay.

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