Apple’s CarKey to get UltraWideband tech, BMW among the first to adopt

By Maaz Perwez
BMW Apple CarKey

Apple launched its new iPhone 12 series with a new UWB sensor a.k.a Ultrawideband sensor. It sits inside the phone and helps in the precision of location and data. Apple used this with the HomePod Mini and can also be used to communicate with other devices in certain ways. Now, BMW has announced that they are planning to update its Apple CarKey-compatible key protocol with a more secure version. The newer version relies on the UltraWideband technology, allowing users to use their iPhone to unlock their BMWs instead of a key fob.

Dubbed Digital Key plus, the new technology enables users to unlock and start their BMW even without taking out their iPhone from the pocket. This is a whole new level of tech, especially an upgrade from the previous version, where you had to physically take your iPhone up to the door handle of the car. After which to start the car users had to place the phone in a provided Qi-enabled smartphone tray.

Apple now partnering with BMW in integrating the CarKey API for BMW which relies on UWB is such a good step moving in the right direction. BMW is planning to roll out the new tecchnology with the iX, an electric sports activity Vehicle, which will be hitting the European and North American market by the end of 2021.

The new upcoming update of the BMW key is said to be a variant of Digital key release 3.0 which taps BLE and UWB tech to give the passive entry to the car.

Previously we also got hands-on the news that Apple is planning to launch an all-electric vehicle in the coming years. Also, Apple might be partnering up with Hyundai for the mass production of its electric vehicle and bringing in the new battery technology with Apple’s electric car.

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