Apple working on foldable iPhone to compete the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold

By Maaz Perwez
iPhone Foldable

Samsung is one of the first few brands who have officially been able to launch a foldable smartphone. In fact, in 2020, Samsung launched the 2nd generation of its foldable lineup. As a result, it turned out to be great, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is almost perfect in every way. According to Bloomberg, Apple is now planning to enter the foldable smartphone market by releasing foldable iPhones. Although the launch might be as far as 3 years from now, still there is a possibility. Apple has already started working on prototype models of the foldable iPhones.

Apple has been internally discussing various different sizes of foldable iPhones, including an iPhone that unfolds at 6.7-inch of the display. The foldable displays that Apple has tested reportedly feature an invisible hinge, with the electronic components located behind the screen similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. 

In future, if foldable iPhones are launched, it is very unlikely that Apple will shift the main focus to foldable, and the usual bar form iPhones would be a side phone. However according to the hype of foldable, and predictions, it looks like ultimately smartphones will evolve towards foldable, and in coming years, almost every smartphone OEM will launch at least one foldable smartphone.

Currently, Apple isn’t launching the foldable phone because it would be too soon for a technology to mature, and secondly, they are giving a chance to Samsung to create the hype, so that later on they can launch the product.

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