Apple to announce Q1 2021 results on January 27

By Maaz Perwez
Apple Tim Cook

Recently, Apple plans to announce its sales numbers for the last quarter. So by the last quarter, it means we will get to know how good the newly launched iPhone 12 series are selling, along with the Apple Watch 6, the new iPad and of course the star of the year, the M1 powered MacBooks.

As per the reports Apple will be revealing the financial statistics of the company on January 27. Since 2020 went by in lockdown and sales of almost every brand was affected, and with the launch of the new iPhones let’s see how the sales numbers are this year. Previously, we have seen Apple boasting their sales number which is always a tier above the rest.

The US-based company announced on Tuesday a conference call with investors scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. PT (5:00 p.m. ET). The topic will be “FY 21 First Quarter Results.”

On January 27 Apple will be giving definitive figures about the iPhone sales. However, it won’t be a breakdown of how many of each model were sold but, we are expecting a general statement with sales figures of iPhones from the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

This time the services launched by Apple like Apple Tv+, apple arcade will also be joining the sales figures of Apple financial report.

According to market-analysts firm the new Apple devices are expected to have a higher number of sales, because this year the launch of the Apple powered devices had the strongest impact on the users when compared with the previous three years of launch.

Apple doesn’t like any competition, and by the speed of which apple is developing its chips and products, it looks like Apple won’t be left with any competition. Since their iPhones and MacBooks are already moving a tier above the rivals. We have seen the performance of the newly launched devices. Now, its time to see the impact it created on the consumers, which will be revealed on January 27, with its sales figures.

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