Apple sued for not removing Telegram from App Store for violent contents

By Maaz Perwez
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Apple is this time yet again sued for breaking another guideline and policy. This time it is being sued by the Coalition for a safer web where Apple just didn’t remove Telegram from their Appstore, for a similar reason as what Apple gave while removing Parler app from the Appstore. Telegram is yet another social media messaging platform, where there are a number of different groups, which people can join and chat.

However, there could be some hate groups as well, that are trying to spread hatred around the world. on Sunday at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the lawsuit from Ambassador Marc Ginsberg and the Coalition for a Safer Web charges Apple with allowing Telegram to be available in the App Store. This happened despite Apple having the knowledge about Telegram is being used to spread hate, threaten people and to indulge in riots and more.

The Coalition that sued Apple also claims that Apple is failing to even follow its own guidelines and policies. In fact, Apple is still allowing Telegram’s users to continue their activities without any warning or anything.

There was already a lawsuit running on Apple, Google and Amazon where they all cut ties to Parler. The Parler app was sued because it was used to plan and initiate illegal activities in Washington D.C including the storming in the U.S capitol.

The lawsuit on Apple is pressurizing Apple to look into telegram closely and monitor its actions and examine the conversations making it to be used as a decrypted messaging app, for allegedly performing similar activities.

In July 2020 Ginsberg wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook on behalf of the CSW, asking for Telegram to be removed temporarily, as the app has a lot of involvement and plays an important role in inciting extremist violence.

There is also the accusation that “anti-black and anti-Semitic groups have openly utilized Telegram with little or no content moderation by Telegram’s management.”. Despite so many approaches and hints, Apple didn’t take any action against Telegram while in a matter of days Apple took strong action against Parler and removed it from the App Store.

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