Apple will now allow Indian buyers to customize their MacBooks and iMacs

By Manikanta Immanni

After the US and Canada, Apple is now allowing Indian customers to configure their Mac devices according to their requirements. Under this new build-to-order scheme, users will be allowed to configure in terms of Storage, RAM and Graphics processor in MacBooks and iMacs. This will be gradually rolling to all authorized distributors and via Apple’s online site soon.

Finally, a desired iMac and MacBook

One of the best practices to satisfy customers is by giving them more options to pick. Customizing products according to their desire will garner more loyalty than providing something that’s pre-built, and same for all. And Apple’s trying it now for Indians.

The Cupertino based firm has this scheme, configure-to-order (CTO) or build-to-order (BTO) tried in Canada and the US already. And is now making it available in India.

Under this, users can order a customized Mac in terms of RAM, storage or graphics processor of their wish (should also be compatible) to be fitted into their iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. These devices are being sold to customers in a pre-built manner to date. Apple’s other devices, iPad and iPhones are at least given the configurations in terms of storage and color options.

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Extra Time and Extra Charge for Customization

While you think it’s Apple’s strategic move to gain more customers, it’s even demanded by users since so long. Hence, here it is. This will be available through Apple’s authorized dealers and its website.

The company has also made an online portal to let its customers shop and be served online. With this move, Apple is getting closer to the Indian economy and people gradually. The company is also planning to set up manufacturing hubs in the nation too.

As a thing to note, these customized orders would take at least 4-5 weeks to be delivered. Also provided that all the ordered parts are available. If not, it may take longer too. Further, this may not happen for free. Apple may charge extra for product configurations as doing in other markets. For example, it charges $200 for a RAM upgrade to MacBook Air 2020 model. So if you’re a fanboy and ready to pay for that, watch out, Apple may soon bring this out.

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