App Store sees almost $2 Billion sales during holiday season

By Maaz Perwez
Apple AppStore

We all use Appstore whenever we need to download any apps. The Appstore of iPhones and iPads have both free and paid apps and games. Users can download or buy and download according to their needs. However, the year 2020 went by in pandemic lockdowns. So most of us were at home only either working from home or studying and attending classes at home. Which means the average usage of our electronic gadgets is increased. We have downloaded more and more apps, bought apps and games and whatnot.

In a recent story, Apple claimed that the Apple App store broke the record of the overall revenue generated from the app stores. Apple says over $1.8 billion is what people have spent over the holiday period and $514 million was spent alone on the new year’s day (1 Jan 2021). The above figures mentioned include both apps and digital subscription services like Apple Music, news, books, TV+ and the fitness+ app which was launched alongside Apple Watch 6.

In the press release, Apple also gave us a figure of the adoption rate of Apple Pay which is growing rapidly along the US stores. Currently, more than 90% of the stores in the US accept Apple Pay and over 85% in the UK and roughly 99% of retailers have Apple Pay in Australia. Well, these figures are just eye-opening for the rest of the brand who are competing with Apple, the Samsung Pay and Google pay should really pull up their socks.

Coming to Apple Books, it has over 90 million monthly active users. Apple is not leaving any stone upturned, speaking of Apple Arcade it has over 140 gaming titles. While the Apple Podcasts is out and available in 175 countries with over 100 different language support.

Apple is not only into products, with the above figures we can surely say that Apple has also been working hard for its costumers to use the Apple services.

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