‘Among Us’ became the most downloaded game in December

By Maaz Perwez
Among Us

We all have been sitting at home through the whole pandemic year 2020. Most of us attended classes or worked from home only. However, there a few games that became trending in a short span of time and grew with time very well. One such game is the all-new Among Us. The multiplayer game where we have to find the suspects tops the App store list of most downloaded games in December 2020.

Top downloaded game

As per the report Among Us experience 48 million new downloads in the month, the report becomes even crazier when it says that the number is the lowest for among us ever since its launch back in August when the game went viral.

“Among Us! ended a fantastic year by adding an estimated 48M new downloads in December. That’s its lowest month since taking off in August, but then again, it’s 48,000,000 new downloads. Most of which came through Google Play, which outpaces the App Store four to one.”

Accoridng to the reports of AppFigures the most popular game of the decade candy Crush, that dominated the App store and google play store have been kicked out of the top 10 list from both the stores.

The report also tells us that, of the 240 million downloads across the top 10 games, Google’s Play Store commanded 82% of those downloads.

The Appstore still lags behind the Google Play store by a lot, yet it manages to reach 64$ Billion of revenue in 2020 alone, according to our previous report.

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