What is Pro Motion Display technology?

By Maaz Perwez
What is pro motion display technology

Apple has its world of technology. They use a similar technology what other OEM use but in a different way. They also tweak those hardware in a better way to give users a better overall experience. For instance, the vibration motor in Apple devices are called a Taptic engine.

They use a different mechanism of vibration, thus giving out better haptic feedback.
Similarly, Apple uses Pro-motion technology in its displays. The Pro-motion technology is currently available in the current-gen and the previous-gen iPad Pro models. Pro-motion technology is nothing but a display that is capable of a 120 Hz high refresh rate.

However, the iPad pro with Pro motion technology has a variable 120hz refresh rate. It means it can go upto 120Hz of refresh rate when required; otherwise, it can reduce the refresh rate to save battery. Similar tech is used on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Both devices have an LTPS display, which can set the screen refresh rate from 10Hz to 120hz depending on the content being viewed on the screen.

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So, Apple being Apple, they named it Pro-motion technology for their displays. It was very much expected that this year’s iPhone 12 series might have the Pro- motion technology in their displays. Unfortunately, none of the iPhone 12 series have it. Maybe next year, Apple will launch its iPhones with pro-motion technology.

Having a higher refresh rate screen like iPad with a pro-motion technology makes the overall experience better. The subtle smoothness of scrolling and navigating through the UI is just mesmerizing.

iOS is already very much optimized and feels very much fast with its A12Z processor. The inclusion of Pro-motion technology takes it to another level. However, it does takes a toll to the battery, but trust me its worth taking the battery hit. Also, a disclaimer once you are into a high refresh rate device going back to 60Hz is very difficult.

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