Zipp Deep Section Wheels Roll Out for Triathletes, Time Trialists

The company claims that its new wheels "epitomise" its desire to let you ride more quickly.

Zipp has before acted as an innovator, and it very well may have done so once again.

The 858 NSW and 808 Firecrest models from Zipp improve upon the company's earlier offerings.

How? Zipp boasts "Total System Efficiency" (TSE) technology and weight savings of hundreds of grammes.

The tubeless wheels are targeted towards triathletes and time trial experts by the SRAM subsidiary, although they are reasonably priced.

Speed-suiters paid a high price for Zipp's previous vehicle that caused a stir, the 353.

However, the 858 NSW and 808 Firecrest have a more friendly appearance and follow the same engineering tenet.

All four difficulties are addressed with the Zipp 858 NSW and 808 Firecrest.

Both rims have low-pressure setups that are tubeless and hookless for a smoother ride.

Each wheel's aerodynamic performance and crosswind stability are aided by the shape.