'Wordle' Today: Here's The Answer, Hints For August 9

On "Wordle" #416 and stuck? We can provide advice, hints, and the solution. spoilers inside.

On this lovely Tuesday, the week is well underway, and there is a fresh Wordle to solve. If you run into trouble, our daily Wordle help can be helpful.

Josh Wardle, a former Reddit programmer, created the game in 2021 as a personal exercise for him and his word game enthusiast spouse.

You can choose the ideal opening move with the help of our suggestions. To rule those phonological building elements in or out, these suggestions include selecting a word with at least two distinct vowels, as well as a few common consonants like S, T, R, or N.

The site's owner claims that the archive of previous riddles, which you could originally play in its entirety, was removed at the New York Times' request.

There is a Hard Mode in Wordle that you can activate to give yourself a greater challenge if you've been finding it to be too simple.

No matter where you are in the world, everyone is solving the same puzzle and coming up with the same solution when using Wordle.

The puzzle game will occasionally, nonetheless, allow two distinct right answers on the same day.

For the Wordle answer on August 9, a cunning clue

Typically, food. Cartoon characters are also. additionally a cartoon food.

Today's Wordle has a five-letter word that begins with...

...the letter P!

Wordle today: What's the answer?


It's time to disclose the answer.