Watch Evo 2022 Finals Day Right Here

The biggest event in the fighting game calendar has always been Evo.

After a pandemic-related break, it's finally back in person this year.

Evo 2022 started on Friday, August 5, and it finishes today, Sunday, August 7.

The conclusion of the main competitions at Evo makes the final day a momentous affair.

King of Fighters XV, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Guilty Gear Strive's Top 8 matchups will all be streamed on Evo today, in that order.

Everything starts at 6 PM BST/10 AM PT.

Of course, the greatest news will be made on the last day.

New character introductions for King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and Guilty Gear are anticipated.

How about Tekken? Everyone is anticipating the announcement of Tekken 8. Cross your fingers!