“Thank God"- KSI reacts to Meta banning Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram

JJ "KSI" tweeted about kickboxer Andrew Tate being banned from Facebook and Instagram.

JJ was glad Meta banned the Anglo-American for his controversial views on women and alleged sex trafficking.

KSI isn't the only content creator to oppose Tate.

Imane "Pokimane," Hasan "HasanAbi," and Felix "xQc" have criticised the kickboxer.

Tate's history includes claimed abuse and sex trafficking.

Meta has blacklisted Andrew Tate from their social media sites for "dangerous organisations and individuals"

KSI criticised Tate and his online school course on The Fellas podcast.

The British online personality called the course a scam.

When he tweeted about the ban, he defended the contentious number. The YouTuber has been sketchy.