How to get started in the world of Final Fantasy XIV Online

To assist novice players in navigating the realm of Eorzea, Square Enix has published a comprehensive Starter Guide.

Over the past ten years, Final Fantasy XIV Online has attracted a devoted user community.

However, there is a lot to do, including a lot of people to meet, fights to have, things to gather, and missions to complete.

Eorzea's world can be exceedingly difficult to enter.

To assist in introducing new players to the game, Square Enix has taken the initiative to publish a brand-new "Starter Guide" series on YouTube.

Each of the seven distinct episodes in the series focuses on a different aspect in Final Fantasy XIV.

The first introduces players to the game's backstory, characters, and the expansive, stand-alone narrative they will experience.

It also makes it obvious that gamers can play the game alone or online co-op with as many buddies as they choose.

The first episode then delves into the fundamentals of gameplay, covering how to make a character, navigate the game's map, and begin the major scenario quests.