WHO chief says 'color of skin' behind lack of help for Tigray

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, says racism is behind a lack of international attention to Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray area.

Tedros called it the "biggest humanitarian crisis in the world" and asked why it isn't getting the same attention as the Ukraine conflict.

"Maybe it's the people's skin colour," Tedros, from Tigray, said Wednesday.

In April, he asked if "black and white lives" are treated equally in catastrophes worldwide.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Center said fighting between Ethiopian and Tigrayan forces has killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands.

Last year, the issue caused almost 5.1 million displacements.

WHO emergencies director Mike Ryan criticised a lack of care for the Horn of Africa drought and famine and resulting health crisis.

Ryan claimed at a virtual media briefing on Wednesday that no one cares about the Horn of Africa.

The WHO requested $123.7 million to combat growing malnutrition in the region, where 200 million people are hungry.