Counterside ends its mobile-only policy with pre-registration on a PC.

The well-liked free-to-play mobile-only anime role-playing game Counterside has been released.

The game is poised to debut on PC for the first time after seeing astronomical popularity on Android and the other platform.

When Counterside became available for mobile devices, it quickly grew in popularity.

Counterside, a different free-to-play gacha line battler, received praise for its excellent Live 2D artwork and compelling character designs.

Naturally, fans cried out for a PC version as soon as it was released on mobile devices.

As it happens, the PC version is now available! PC players are now finally getting what they wanted after two years of mobile exclusivity.

Developer StudioBSide revealed that the PC port would be available soon on August 5.

The developers noted that pre-registration is now accessible for anyone who want to play on PC in a Steam announcement.

Unfortunately, a date for the impending PC version's release is yet unknown. However, since that pre-registration has begun, it should release at some point soon.