Apple’s chip maker TSMC soon to start production of A14 Bionic chip

By Manikanta Immanni
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As per reports from Digitimes, TSMC is all set to begin production of Apple’s latest chip, A14 Bionic by this month-end. The new chip will be based on the 5nm process and supports 5G modem, bringing Apple to the new connectivity. This chip would most probably be fitted into the next latest flagship series, iPhone 12.

We have seen a wave of 5G smartphones in the year 2020, yet, all are waiting for Apple’s handset. And the company could probably be bringing the fastest connectivity support in its latest series iPhone 12. While confirmations of this flagship would mostly be heard on upcoming WWDC on June 22nd, we expect it to be launched as usually in September. And it’s set to come with A14 Bionic, the latest processor.

But, the economy distraction caused by COVID-19 breakout has led many businesses to postpone their works. Thus, we all expected the launching of Apple’s iPhone 12 could be delayed too. But to our surprise, a report from Digitimes claims the production of A14 Bionic chip production by TSMC as early as by June’s end, or probably by early July.

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This means that iPhone 12 can come with the new processor on time. The new chip will be based on the 5nm process, which equips about 15 billion transistors with 170+ million transistors per square mm. On the other hand, the current A13 Bionic packs about 8.5 billion transistors on the 7nm process with 96.5 million transistors per square mm. Shrinking size is effective for more power and being efficient.

It’s touted to be beating Snapdragon’s latest 865 SoC in terms of performance and supports powerful camera and 5G connectivity. As Digitimes reported, all the four handsets of iPhone 12 will be equipped with Snapdragon’s X60 modem, which powers the 5G connectivity.

It supports both sub-6GHz and mmWave signals, unlike a rumor touted earlier that only base models as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus supports sub-6GHz, and iPhone 12 Pro supports mmWave signals.

After all, we shall wait to see the official announcement of these matters in Apple’s WWDC which was scheduled on June 22.

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