How to use Trackpad Mode on iPhone and iPad to select text

By Maaz Perwez
How to use Trackpad Mode on iPhone

If you are using an iPad or iPhone for browsing. and needs a lot of content selection, copying or moving texts. You can use this small trick to make overall usage of clipboard a better experience. The main issue that comes while using a touch screen to select text is the precision of selection. often we end up selecting something extra or miss out some texts.

Another problem that comes while using iPad or iPhone is that while using the touchscreen if you try to edit texts or documents. it is very hard to put the cursor to the right place. I usually end up putting it either above a line or below a line or simply it scrolls somewhere else in the document.

Below we have a rick after which navigating through texts and documents will be very much hassle-free and will ease the burden of precision.

How To use Trackpad mode on iPhone or iPad

Apple seriously lacks way behind android when giving extra features or customisation. Support for trackpad is one of them. However, there’s an alternative way to get software-based trackpad experience.

This method requires to use a virtual keyboard. So to enable trackpad mode all ou have to do is tap and hold on the space bar to enable a movable pointer. Swipe your finger across the keyboard to moves that pointer wherever you want.

In case you are using iPad with a physical keyboard, you can tap and hold anywhere on the screen to move the cursor, and swiping across the screen will move it.

 iPhone with 3D Touch, you have a second option; press firmly anywhere on the keyboard to get the trackpad mode.

Text Selection on iPad

This game-changer feature can help a lot of iPad users while editing and documents or blogging. With the cursor flashing, tap with two fingers once to select a word. Double-tap with two fingers to select a sentence, or triple-tap with two fingers to select a paragraph.

 the two-finger approach doesn’t work on the iPhone and the way taps interact with text is different. But, here is an alternate way for iPhone users. With cursor flashing, double-tap a word to select it. If you want to select multiple words or sentences, your only solution is to drag the grab handles at the beginning and end of your selection.

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