Hidden tricks of iPhone that you are unaware of

By Maaz Perwez
Hidden iPhone Tricks

Every phone has some tricks which the other don’t. Some are even hideous and only comes to light when someone finds it and tries to spread across. Otherwise, half of the features of our smartphone remain unknown most of the time. But here we have some hidden iPhone tricks which you might not know exist.

1. Use The keyboard as a Trackpad

Well, a lot of users might not know this but the iPhone you have can be doubled as a trackpad as well. With this feature, the accuracy of moving your cursor will increase and will make a better overall experience. It works on any iPad and iPhones which are 6S or newer.

All you have to do is firmly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad. Once the keyboard becomes blank the trackpad mode is now active. Drag your fingers around the keyboard area to move the cursor anywhere you want to. For iPad users drag two fingers in any direction on the keyboard to activate trackpad mode.

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2. Check that a surface is at level

There’s a built in measure app in iOS which has leveling capabilities. To use it just open the Measure app and tap level on the right.

You can simply use this app to measure if the surface is level or not. all you have to do is just put the phone laid flat on the surface of which you want to measure that’s it. It may not be very much precise as a professional tool, but it comes in handy and does the job done.

3. Different Backspace in Calculator

If you use calculator app a lot on your iOS device, then you must know the irritation of mistyping numbers and then having to start the calculation all over again. But, not any more there’s a hidden backspace function means you no more have to erase the whole calculation if you have mistyped a number.

All you have to do to erase a number is swipe from left to right at the top of the screen where the digits are displayed. The motion acts as backspace and will erase the more you swipe to the right. Also if you switch to landscape mode while in calculator it will open a lot of more calculating features as well.

4. Hide Your Private Photos

We all have our phones lying here and there or if we are hanging out with friends every once in a while we lend our phone. In such scenarios, there are some private data which can be leaked or shared by chance. So if you are one of them and wants to keep your private images and data secured here is how you can hide your images. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Inside the Photos app of your iPhone or iPad select the images you want to hide. Then tap on the share button and choose Hide. As the confirmation message says, your chosen pictures will disappear from every location in our library. But you will still be able to see it in the hidden album within your albums.

5. Recieve notifications via camera flash

Well, since we all know no iPhone comes with any notification LED light like the android phones. Sadly Android phones are also getting di of it. However, on iPhones, you can use the flash as the notification alert. It can blink several times with different patterns according to the notification.

To activate this feature, go to settings and tap accessibility then enter audio/visual and switch on the toggle saying LED Flash for alerts. There’s an option to disable the flashlight notification when the phone is in silent mode.

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