Apple releases COVID-19 screening app and website

By Minhaz Uddin

iPhone maker Apple has released resourceful screening tools to help people protect themselves amid the worldwide spread of COVID-19. The company has created a website and an app (Available only in US) in partnership with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Both the app and website asks users a list of questions regarding their travel history, recent exposure and symptoms to analyze the risk factors and provides appropriate guidance and recommendations on what to de next after assessing the users answers.

The tools also assist users to monitor their symptoms and guide them if a test is required or not. The responses of the users are kept private and are not sent to Apple or any government organization.

apple covid 19 app
Apple Covid 19 app

In addition, the tools provides access to the resources to stay informed and get support during the spread of COVID-19. Also, users will be provided the guidance on the best practices of protecting themselves.

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Besides the website and apps, users can also ask the virtual assistant Siri to get these valuable information on the go. However, this feature is limited to the US citizens at this time.

Maintaining the legacy of privacy, Apple claims that is not collecting users answers from the screening tool and to help improve the site, It collects some information about how users use it. The information collected will not personally identify the users.

This initiative by Apple comes at a time when US has become the most affected country by COVID-19. The US became the first country to cross the 100,000 positive cases of COVID-19 worldwide.

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