Apple plan to launch an AR headset this year

By Maaz Perwez
Apple AR Headset

Apple is trying to dominate in every possible way in the AR category. We have been recently hearing a lot of rumors about Apple planning to dig into the augmented reality headset. There were some rumors that Apple might launch AR headsets in 2020 only but that came out to be false news. however, now a fresh set of news has come up in the internet pointing out that now Apple is planning to launch AR glasses which might be coming this year only.

In 2019, it was confirmed that apple is working on some kind of AR device. We got to know about the same by some internal files of IOS 13 which were left in a build of the OS. An internal system named StarBoard is responsible for managing the AR set of things on iPhones. Similar to what the Google’s AR core does on Android phones.

iOS 13 codes also revealed that the company has been testing AR mode with a few system apps like maps, find my and quick look and APIs to support games and other apps.

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will definitely announce its first augmented reality device in 2021. Kuo’s reports have been correct every time and going by this report, we can expect Apple to release an AR device very soon. Maybe alongside the new iPhone 13 or even before.

The important point to be noted is that Apple has been constantly working on AR and is consistently enhancing it ARkit API. Also, with the latest generation of iPhones and the iPad Pro the Lidar sensor just works better with AR. This gives a big hint that Apple is planning to jump into augmented reality very soon.

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