Apple may reveal MagSafe wireless chargers alongside iPhone 12

By Maaz Perwez

The Apple event for 2020 is due for October 13, 2020. Apple will be unveiling a bunch of products alongside the new iPhone 12 series. Earlier, we had some leaked reports stating that Apple is using some magnets for wireless charging. But now that leaked report is gradually coming up. Who knows, it could launch in the event itself alongside iPhone 12 series.

As per the sources, Apple will reveal MagSafe wireless chargers, which will be compatible with iPhones and other phones. But the exclusive key feature for Apple users would be that Apple might use a case in which magnets will be built-in, which will automatically place the phone in the right position when placed over the wireless charging pad.

The report comes directly from two of the reliable sources, the Kang and L0vetodream, on Twitter. Some of the images have also been reported by Everything Apple Pro.

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Kang states that the MagSafe chargers will have 15W of power output approximately. The MagSafe brand’s resurrection for Apple’s wireless charging is coming right after when Apple decided to cancel the Airpower project in 2019 due to overheating and reliability issues.

Previously, Apple devices support 7.5W of wireless charging, so we can see an improvement in that area and this year’s iPhones may get 15W of wireless charging support alongside reverse wireless charging as well.

This time apple shifting with MagSafe chargers for iPhones, which they have been previously using for Macs, could be a game-changing technology for smartphones. There are already some rumors out there in the wild. That states Apple is going to remove charging ports in future generations of iPhones. In fact, some reports claim it is going to happen as early as 2021. So Apple might be trying some or the other thing to replace the wired charging technique.

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