Apple makes access to Swift and Xcode free for teachers

By Manikanta Immanni
Apple Coding Program

Apple has yesterday launched free online courses and access to its coding platforms for educators around the world. Under this new program, teachers and parents can access the digital resources and platforms like Swift and Xcode to learn, and in turn help, students/kids learn about coding.

Apple Makes Swift and Xcode Free to Access

Citing people around the world stuck at home due to Coronavirus breakout, Apple has yesterday announced to offer its extensive code learning resources to teachers and parents for free! The access to Develop in Swift and Xcode would let them learn about teaching coding to students, where they’ll be able to code apps for iDevices in future.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Markets, Apps, and Services said, “As a part of our commitment to helping expand access to computer science education, we are thrilled to be adding a new professional learning course to help more educators, regardless of their experience, have the opportunity to learn to code and teach the next generation of developers and designers.”

The free course includes ebooks like “Develop in Swift Explorations”, “Develop in Swift Fundamentals”, “Develop in Swift AP CS Principles” and “Develop in Swift Data Collections”, available through Apple’s Books service. Further, access to Swift and Xcode, Apple’s app building platform for iOS and macOS respectively.
Apple’s new move as this would benefit not only learners but also Apple itself. The company can lure more and more developers to its ecosystem, by offering them free tools to learn.

Besides teachers, parents struggling with their kids at home too have an opportunity to learn. The “Everyone Can Code” course is available for free and aimed at kids in grades 4 to 8, and “A Quick Start to Code ” is aimed at kids aged 10 and above. Apple claims over 9,000 higher education institutions and K-12 students are accessing these platforms as of now.

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