Apple launches its first online store in India

By Maaz Perwez
Apple Store

Apple is one of the top smartphone manufacturers, have been selling their devices in India via retail stores. But that was until now, as Apple plans to dominate even more in the Indian market. The company is now launching its first online store in India. Company has scheduled to launch the online Apple Store in India on 23 September 2020. So all the Apple fanboys from India can cheer up as now they can directly purchase their Apple products from Apple and not any third-party resellers.

With the launch of Apple Store in India, there will be a lot of customer benefits, and users will be able to see better customer support as well. It is the 38th Apple Online store launching worldwide.

Apple recently unveiled its latest Apple Watch 6 along with new iPads. The launch of the latest iPhone 12 series is imminent, and in the coming weeks, we can see Apple launching their whole line-up. So all those eyeing on the latest Apple products can head to the latest online Apple store to buy products.

Advantages of Apple’s Online Store in India

There are a lot of benefits for the end-user that is we the customers. A few benefits that the company is claiming are mentioned ahead. To start with, Apple would provide a premium experience to their customers across the country. There will be a student discount program for students to buy Apple products with ease. The company also promises safe and free delivery through-out the country.

You can exchange any eligible smartphone for credit towards a new iPhone. Apple will provide a trade-in value to lower the price of a new iPhone. Not only this, with the launch of online store in India, you can customize Macbooks and MACs the way you want whether you want more memory or more storage or a higher powered processor.

Apple is also promising that they will be giving free 1:1 session where they will assist you in buying new products from Apple online store. Besides, Apple launching its first online store in India, they are also launching Apple care+ through which users will be able to buy direct protection from Apple rather than third-party insurance.

Apple users will also be getting support with hardware or software issues from an Apple expert, in whatever way is most convenient for users. From setting up the device to recovering Apple ID or replacing a screen, Apple will be able to help.

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