Apple launched Limited Edition ‘Year of the Ox’ Airpods Pro

By Maaz Perwez
Year of the Ox Airpod Pro

We all have loved the apple’s AirPods Pro. One of the best true wireless earphones in the market. The active noise cancellation of these earphones is just game-changing. Even with umpteen number of efforts put by other brands, no other brand has been able to catch up to the quality of Airpods pro.

Surely, they are a little bit overpriced, but the quality they give can be justified for its price. Recently, Apple has unveiled a new limited edition Airpods Pro for its Chinese new year. The new limited edition AirPods pro is called as the year of the ox Airpods pro. This will be only available exclusively in China.

There is a slight change in the aesthetics of the Apple AirPods Pro ox edition. as it features an Ox icon at the front of the AirPods pro case. Other than that, the packaging of the box is different, the rest of the AirPods remains the same. Having the same quality, same design. 2021 is being celebrated as the year of the Ox in china.

These limited edition AirPods pro are priced at RMB 1,999. In contrast, the regular AirPods Pro are also priced at RMB 1,999 only. However, Apple will be making only a limited number of AirPods pro ox edition. According to the reports Apple has manufactured a total of 25,400 units of Airpods Pro ox Edition. Out of which 13,920 units will be sold online and the remaining 11,480 units will be sold in retail stores. Customers will be eligible to purchase 2 of the limited edition AirPods pro and not more than that.

Apple has also published a special gift for its Chinese customers where it is recommended customers to buy the iPhone 12, the special edition AirPods pro, iPads, MagSafe accessories and more.

You can buy the Airpods Pro year of the ox limited edition in china from this link.

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