5 Tips to make your iPhone even more secure

By Maaz Perwez
Tips to secure iphone

We all have stories of iPhones being the most secure phone and the security of the iPhone is very strong. however, it is not always like that an there’s always some room of improvement. Also, there are some small efforts from the users which are needed to improve the overall security of the phone. So here are some of the tips you might need to know how to secure iPhone.

1. Use a strong Password

Most of us use biometrics to unlock our iPhones. Which is absolutely fine, however, the pin which we have set in case of backup if biometrics failed. That pin needs to be strong, or it should be a strong password instead of number pin. That way it will be more secure and harder to crack the password when compared to number code. so you can always set a password which is a mixture of letters and numbers for better security.

2. Turn Off Lockscreen Notifications

Even if you have a strong password set the notifications that appear on the lock screen won’t prevent your data from being revealed. So it is better to hide notifications fro lock screen to keep your data protected. Otherwise, anyone can read your notification or personal messages.

However, there’s a middle option as well where the notifications will appear but privately, which means the notification will only show from which app the notification is there/ The whole content will be revealed only once you unlock the phone. Which is a better way of getting notifications while keeping the phone secure.

3. Disable Siri on Lockscreen

Everybody knows Siri on iPhone, the great artificial intelligence, created by Apple. Siri works very well and knows everything we ask from Siri. It even works while the iPhone is locked. However, what you don’t know is that if it is enabled then Siri keeps on listening to your talks and everything even if you aren’t talking to Siri.

Not to mention, every now and then there’s some exploit coming out on the internet which can unlock iPhones using Siri. So it is better to turn off Siri from lock screen while you can always use Siri once you have unlocked the phone.

So to disable Siri on lock screen on your iPhone Go to Settings>> Passcode or Touch ID and Passcode>> Allow access when lock section >> Siri: off and Settings >> General >> Siri >> Allow Hey Siri turn it Off.

4. Disable automatic WIFI connections to known networks

There’s a very handy feature of iPhone which allows you to automatically connect to known Wifi hotspots without your permission or without you doing anything. it all does this on the background. However, there is a downside to this feature as well. there’s a chance that a hacker will establish his own fake wireless network with the same name as a trusted public hotspot.

In this case, you might not even recognize that your iPhone is working within the malicious WiFi network, thus will end up giving away all of your data.

So it is better to keep it manual. Go to settings >>> Wifi >> Ask to join networks toggle it on.

5. Get used to VPN

We all know VPNs. Most of the organizations use a VPN to protect their data and the flow of data. VPN is a must if you are transferring any important data. VPN is also necessary on our phones since we all the time send and receive important and personal data. Our messages, emails etc are always being shared on the internet. So it is always advised to use a VPN.

To set up a VPN on your iPhone Go to settings >> General >> VON >> Add a VPN configuration and then configure your VPN. Most of the VPNs are paid but there a few which are free and you can try them.

So these were some tips through which you can add an additional layer of safety to your iPhone.

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